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You’ll Cry with the pain and Smile with relief

These three videos which explain trigeminal + occipital neuralgia and show the pain it causes a young man. Then the surgery that set him free.

If you can’t see video #2 please watch on youtube

Out of darkness

          Testimony time

Happy 8th Birthday @SparklesGlitter


August 9th our precious Breanna turns eight years old!

We’ve created our annual birthday video for you.


Happy 8th Birthday from SparklesGlitter from Switching Granny on Vimeo.

Our yearly birthday video (bloopers included) Unplugged- unprepared and pretty much unedited- had to take out the 5 minutes that Breanna stepped away from the camera to find Moxie!

A Cinderella Story

Breanna & her Papaw

We love our 7 year old Grand daughter.  We’ve worked hard to keep her exposed to the Arts.  She has been in dance lessons since the age of 3.  During the past couple of years she has really loved opportunities to perform in front of an audience.  Recitals, and a couple parts in a local production of The Nutcracker have given her much delight.

A few weeks ago our daughter in law called and said that Breanna’s dance teacher had ask if she could participate in a unique opportunity to dance as part of the pre show for a professional ballet company The Ballet Magnificant. The dance was going to be to Steven Curtis Chapman’s song “Cinderella“.  And it was going to require that either Breanna’s Daddy or her Papaw danced along with her.  Breanna’s Daddy works 2nd shift so he had a good excuse to not be available.  Her Papaw couldn’t stand the thought of Breanna being unable to dance so he surprised all of us by saying that he would dance the part of her Daddy in the song.

This turned out to be one of the highlights of our lives. I couldn’t video the actual performance due to distracting others. But between my daughter in law and myself we did get a video of the dress rehearsal. And some precious pictures.

Hope this home video touches you just 1/8th as much as the real thing did everyone that watched.  Breanna told me later that people watching back stage were actually crying real tears because they liked she & Papaw dancing so much!


The joy of making deposits

We’re Grandparents and love it! Our youngest son married a woman who had a four year old son; so we inherited “Jacob” and don’t get to see him near enough. Although he lives with Tony & Laura, he spends most weekends with his Dad. And of course you hear about our little Breanna all the time:) I’ve even created a twitter account for her (so she’ll have her one w/ her “stage name” once she becomes famous :)

One of the biggest joys of Grand parenting is creating great memories for the kids to place in their “memory banks”. My memory bank is all tucked away in files in my brain. I have many files that I can retrieve in my mind at will. But with the technology available now we can help these deposits be more tangible by placing pictures and videos online.
Last week we had one of those great opportunities to help them make deposits of sledding. I’m unable to do the physical aspects of the hill climbing and sledding, yet I am blessed to be able to be the official photographer and maker of the archives for their memory banks. Thought I’d share this day with you.

All of us face “issues” but He never fails!

This video includes the lyrics for deaf, hearing impaired, or other uses. We believe that hope is viral. In September 2009, the band 1000 Generations released this video for their song “Fail Us Not” (from their album “Turn Off the Lesser Lights”). Both the song and video are born from honest stories

Help for the Suicide Disease

Today is my 5th  anniversary of being free from pain after having an mvd for Trigeminal Neuralgia.
I’m posting video’s in celebration and to inform others.

Pls watch & pray! TN pts often kill themselves!

November 22nd will be my 8 year anniversary of my MVD and freedom from the monster of Trigeminal Neuralgia pain.

I am so thankful that I was able to have successful brain surgery to Stop the Pain!

I’m also very grateful for the Trigeminal Neuralgia Association.  This is their video. And the most informative yet.

Many of these people I’ve met at TNA conferences.

Remember to pray.. TN kills because the patients kill themselves!

Please consider supporting The Facial Pain Research Foundation They will find a cure

Comprehensive interview w/ fellow TN sufferer who also had mvd

Kitty & Mitty enjoying the evening

This is what happens if you let Papaw feed the pets!

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